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Ark Angels Gate
11/22/2008 - By Lee E. Shilo

Before Los Alamos, before the Manhattan Project at site Y and certainly before the first nuclear hydrogen test bomb, code named Trinity was set off, was a top level, secret military project known only as, Ark Angels Gate.

This secret miltitary project was worked on during the mid 1930's, until J. Robert Oppenheimer and Ernest Lawrence came onto the scene.

Ark Angels Gate took place mainly during the fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini's reign of terror. A brilliant Italian scientist known only as Proffessor A. De Silva, was secretly working on a doomsday bomb. He postulated a theory of a bomb that would wipe out all living organisms, but leave inert matter such as buildings and structures intact. This later became known as the Atomic Neutron bomb.

Proffessor A. De Silva was fraught with problems of security and because of this, trusted no one. He worked mainly alone in the basement of his home at Lazio, near the Pontine Marshes, on the west coast of Italy.

In 1939, near the height of Mussolini's rule, Proffessor De Silva secretly sent a collegue a complete treaty of his work for safe keeping. We are all lucky that he did, because one year later his papers were burned and he was executed as a traitor to the state.

The person he sent his work to, was none other than, J. Robert Oppenheimer himself.