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Travel Rewards Credit Cards and Airline Credit Cards
07/01/2008 - By SUSAN SLOBAC


Another advantage of credit cards is that should it be lost or stolen or you become a victim of identity theft, protecting yourself from unauthorized use is fairly easy to do.
There are many low APR Travel Rewards Credit Cards as well. These include among other types airline credit cards. These credit cards allow the holder to accumulate frequent flyer miles or other types of credits that can later be redeemed for discounts on air travel. Such travel rewards credit cards can also earn the cardholder points on travel purchases from certain carriers and/or their corporate partners, or points that can be used with the airline of your choice as well as sea cruises, hotels, car rentals and many other travel-related expenses.

In addition, some Airline Credit Cards offer 0% introductory rates on balance transfers from high interest cards and purchases for periods ranging from six to twelve months.

Miles by Discover

This is one of the Travel Rewards Credit Cards that offers interest-free balance transfers and purchases for six months. In addition, cardholders earn one Frequent Flyer Mile for every dollar spent (no limits for active accountholders in good standing) as well as double miles on restaurants ($3000, max.). Unlike some airline credit cards, there are no restrictions on dates during which you may or may not schedule travel.

Chase Flexible Rewards

This one also offers an interest-free introductory period for six to twelve months on balance transfers. Cardholders earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental autos.

Alaska Airlines VISA Signature

By applying for this card online, one can obtain up to 6,000 miles right away; in addition, this one is unique among airline credit cards in that cardholders receive 2,000 bonus miles each year. These miles can be redeemed with Alaska Airlines as well as any of its ten corporate partners.

Hawaiian Airlines VISA Platinum Credit Card

This is one of the most generous travel rewards cards, offering 10,000 bonus miles when the cardholder makes his/her initial purchase. Cardholders can earn up to 100,000 miles per calendar year in addition to 2,000 miles awarded annually for active accounts in good standing.

Blue Sky From From American Express

Like the Chase airline rewards card, this one allows the cardholder discounts on a range of travel-related services from any provider, with no restrictions on dates. The Blue Sky travel rewards card offers a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months as well as Travel Accident Insurance and purchase protections.