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40 Years As A Smoker, I Amazed Myself and Quit In One Day!!
12/20/2008 - By David Ford

40 Years As A Smoker, I Amazed Myself and Quit In One Day!!

Going back six years or so, I was smoking one/two packets of cigarettes a day, and on stress days probably more, and had done so for over thirty years, so I decided to switch to hand rolled ones.

My decision used the logic that by not getting all those nasty chemicals and additives that are in manufactured cigarettes, my body was going to be fine, as I had also read that nicotine does not kill you, so by rolling my own, I was going to be ok and also save quite a lot of money.

What I had failed to accept at the time was that there was still a lot of smoke going into my lungs, which was doing as much harm, but I rationalized that by playing racket ball once or twice a week, on the premise that if I was fit, or fitter, then I would be perfectly ok.

How stupid can you be?

When the nicotine gum and patches came out I tried them both in an attempt to Quit Smoking, but at one point I was wearing a high strength patch, chewing the gum, AND having a cigarette all at the same time, so I came to the conclusion that they don't work.

I was also told that willpower was required to stop smoking, but the very thought of being without my ciggy's, and failing to quit once again after a number of half hearted goes, and using a combination of so called willpower, plus some other not so pleasant substitutes, I failed again.

The thing about TRYING to do anything is ridiculous, due to the fact that to try is not to Do, so if you are going to do something you have to DO it not try, consequently my try attempts to pack up smoking were doomed to failure straight away, so I stopped trying and carried on with the weed.

In March 2008 I had the fright of my life when I ended up in hospital as I was coughing up blood, or so I thought, but the x-ray proved clear, and unbelievably so were my lungs, I cannot tell you what a relieve that was.

The Doctor said that my gums were to blame, and after I seen my dentist he confirmed it was my gums, and the disease was from smoking.

The whole scenario had really frightened me, to the point that I had to Do it now and not just TRY.

Part of my internet business is about Self Hypnosis, and I had some discs on helping to Stop Smoking, and as I had never heard them, listened to them on my head phones that night 31-3-2008, went to bed, and I can honestly say that I have not smoked since.

I now find it hard to understand why I smoked for so long, especially when the whole process of self hypnosis was so painless, and on the very few occasions that I thought I might like a cigarette, the thought disappears almost immediately, as I find myself saying "You don't smoke, why would you want to do that"

I am also now reaping the rewards of being a non smoker.

My home, clothes, and car do not smell of stale tobacco. My skin colour and general tone has changed so much that friends say I look ten years younger. No more coughing my heart up and the wheezing has gone completely. My risk of a heart attack has already been reduced by 50%. My wallet is heavier due to the savings made. My family and friends now respect me so much more for DOING instead of TRYING. Do this NOW for YOU and let me know when you Stop Smoking with Hypnosis.

David is the CEO of an rapidly expanding internet business in the UK,and not only Quit Smoking overnight using Hypnosis after smoking for nearly 40 years, but is passionate about all types of natural healing and alternative health remedies. To your healthy life the natural way.David Ford CEO Natural Health Remedies