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SEOMoz Dishes On 'Give It Up' Secrets
08/05/2008 - By David A. Utter

Links, local search, and reputation management tips

Rand Fishkin blogged about the little bits of secrets discussed at a session of the recent SMX Advanced conference; the session centers on some of the tips and tricks that aren't widely known in search marketing.

Part of the deal with the 'Give It Up' sessions require attendees to keep silent on the talk for a period of time before blogging about it. That time passed for the latest edition of 'Give It Up' at SMX Advanced.

Fishkin said virtually all of his tips were of the 'white hat' variety, though other speakers talked about the grey and black hat tweaks available to webmasters who choose to take on their associated risks. He started his wrapup post with a look at link acquisition, and ways to track down links with various operators at search engines.

Searching links is not all about Yahoo's excellent Site Explorer, though it is the best out there. He noted other tools like Google Blogsearch, Exalead, and Technorati "Reactions" as ones to look at when tracking down those links.

Our readers in the small and medium business world should appreciate his list of Google Local ranking tips. Fishkin's list, one he compared to a later effort by David Mihm; both editions merit SMB attention, especially with major search sites presenting local results in universal search pages.

Reputation management occupied the wrapup of his presentation. Regular queries about one's brand at resources like Google, Technorati, Blogpulse, and Twitter's Summize all deliver what could be valuable and actionable intelligence about how others perceive a brand online.

The post comes at a good time, with another major conference, SES San Jose happening August 18-21, and the rapid approach of the fourth quarter holiday shopping season. It's a perfect time to review those tips and plan strategies to capture revenue during the all-important end of the year period.