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A Look into Common Dog Names
09/02/2008 - By WYATT DOOLITTLE

A Look into Common Dog Names

If you have just become a dog owner, either through buying your dog or being given a dog as a gift from someone, you would have to think a name for your pet.

There are actually a lot of dog names to choose from. There is no rule in choosing dog names but there are usual techniques that pet owners employ when deciding on which dog names to use.

There are people who choose to give classical dog names to their pets such as the known dog names: Buddy, Spike, Sam, Max, etc. A lot of people also prefer dog names that are "positive." After all, if you name your dog as "Killer" then people might fear going near your dog based on the negative name given. It is therefore best to choose dog names that would present your dogs into a positive light.

Some dog names are also said to be inspired by food. Examples of names that you could give your dogs that denote food are the following: Pepper, Peanut, Cookie, Cinnamon, Candy, and a lot more. You will find that the examples are foods that are either sweet or spicy and definitely not pertaining to vegetables or meat products.

Choose appropriate names and never use names that would poke fun at your dogs. If you have a toy dog, then it would not be wise to name your dog "Ogre" right? If you have a German Shepherd then never name your pet "Baby." You may ask the opinion of your friends and family about which names would be best for your dogs.

When choosing dog names, it is better to select names that only have two syllables or less. In this way, you will find it easier in training your dogs. You wouldn't want to train your dogs with a name with so many syllables as this will be exhausting and will leave your throat dry. "Sit, Nikky!" is better than " Sit, Hippocrates!" You may choose multi-syllabic dog names but then you should come up with a nickname that is shorter (one or two syllables) especially during your dog's training days.

Lastly, it is best to select dog names that would suit your pets. Choose names that are perfect for the breed of your dogs as well as their personalities. If you would want your dog to be the show type one, choose a name that would really set them apart from the other dogs in the competition. Steve works for DND which is an online dog names site where you can search male dog names, female dog names, and puppy names.