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Sponsorship for Marketing
08/04/2008 - By MELANIE C

Sponsorship for Marketing

The two main objectives of sponsorship are to raise awareness of your business and products and to increase sales volume.

Sponsorship costs money and those people considering it should ask themselves if that same amount of money would bring a better return if invested in some other form of advertising. If you go with the sponsorship idea then don't stop with signing the cheque.

Once you are sure that the association is a good fit with your company, there are many other ways of advertising your products and business. These can include your name/logo on ticket stubs, t-shirts and banners displayed around the sporting arena or wherever. You might even get naming rights for the team you are supporting. But there is more. What about offering product samples for other key patrons? Or if your product is a high end one, offer one sample as a giveaway to be drawn as a prize at the end of the game.

All these extra activities maximise the leverage of your initial investment. You could even offer discounts of your products to club members. This will help the club and also help to swell your customer base. Sponsorship can certainly bring rewards, but you do need to put in the hard-yards to make it work.

These tips might get your logo on car signage, if you want more info get free small business advice.